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Stonehenge Productions
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Our Philosophy


We all know that the "business" of show business, whether it is cinema or stage, television or commercials, is a difficult one in which to get a foothold.  The Greater Boston area has a wealth of talented yet undiscovered students and others in the communications media.  I know from my own experience as an actor and producer how difficult it is to break in to what often seems an impenetrable profession.

The crafts of filmmaking, screenwriting, acting, and directing need talented people.  The current system often prevents new people from entering into these crafts on a professional level and is not necessarily designed to get the best to succeed.  Our goal is to support talented people and help them find the keys that unlock the magic door.

We've all seen films, full-length or shorts, dramas, comedies, documentaries etc., and thought, "I can do better than that" or "How did that ever get produced?"  The answer is not as complicated as one might think.  Meeting the RIGHT people is certainly one way to get your work produced, get a part in film, and have your scripts read and purchased. The most difficult part of that process is getting to meet the RIGHT people.

Another way of achieving the same end result is to get your work "seen" by the people who make the decisions.  Stonehenge Productions has that capability and will work with our members to ensure that their work is available for viewing.

The Internet site where your work will be seen,, has had many success stories.  This website is changing the rules by giving filmmakers a worldwide showcase for their work.  Many have already been discovered by some of the thousands of entertainment-industry professionals.  Just a sample of their success stories are shown below:

Gene Laufenberg's short film "Sunday's Game" After this film premiered, director Gene Laufenberg signed a two-picture deal with Fox 2000. The writers of the film, David Garrett and Jason Ward, went on to pen "Corky Romano" for Touchstone Pictures.

Mark L. Smith sold his screenplay to Paramount Pictures for Mel Gibson's Icon Productions. The Devil's Kiss, a western thriller, struck gold after being posted and he soon signed with powerhouse Hollywood agents, United Talent Agency.

Kyle Davison signed with the Oil Factory talent agency in Los Angeles and the Sparks agency in Toronto for representation in commercials and videos. He also hooked up with managers Simon Millar and David McIlvain at AMG in Los Angeles.

Jeremy Hunt and Bruce Branit the duo behind most-viewed film of all-time on the Internet (with more than 2 million hits...and counting) signed with Creative Artists Agency to negotiate writing and directing deals. The duo's short has been featured on Access Hollywood and Roger Ebert & the Movies, among other outlets.

Jeffrey Lew's Killer Bean jumped to the No. 2 spot among the most-viewed films after only one week on the site. Lew has since signed with managers Jeff Graup and Alex Goldstone at Graup Entertainment. He says he's sorting offers from various game companies and studios, including Pixar Studios, and is currently working with Manex Visual Effects.